Adult Amateur Dressage Shame

Dressage Different

crying2Gentle Readers,

This is to be the first part of a series focused on the phenomenon I have termed “Dressage Shame”. It seems that dressage more than any other equestrian sport is subject to the mentality of “I am not worthy”. Perhaps it is because oftentimes adult amateurs enter the sport later in life, having never ridden, or only informally many years ago. You visit your local dressage trainer and watch them ride. They make it seem effortless, and elegant. You watch freestyles online and are enthralled by the precision and power and by the rider with their invisible aids. You want to do that! Or perhaps it is less complex – for whatever reason you do not want to jump anymore. Maybe you had a bad fall or your horse went off and so you switch disciplines.

No matter your route most people enter the dressage arena for the…

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