About Me


A little about me….

I have been riding since I was six years old, with an emphasis on dressage since I was eleven.  I have been training at Vienna Farm in Gorham, ME since the fall of 2011, riding several horses of different shapes and sizes.

 Through the summer season of 2014, I showed at Training Level, under the tutelage of Tanya Rennie, on DeJure, owned by Tanya Rennie. DJ and I consistently scored between 67%-73%. By the end of the summer, we had ridden our first qualifying First Level test and were schooling Second Level. In December, as we were preparing for a Second Level debut for the upcoming summer, we faced the setback of an injury, and instead spent the winter with lunge lessons. Even though it was disappointing at the time, I am now glad we faced this, because it made a huge difference in my seat and riding.

In the summer of 2015, we continued to show DJ at First Level, scoring between 63% and 74%, and started showing Second Level in July. Because some lameness issues followed us into the spring, I also showed Atara at Training Level, and All That ‘N More (Andy) at Training Level. This was a very cool experience for me, taking several horses to shows strengthened my organization system, and helped me find a better system of time use. To finish the year, DJ and I placed 6th in the Regional Championships, and though I feel we could have done better, I was very happy to make it there, and to have a happy and healthy horse to ride into the winter!

In 2016, DJ and I showed at Third Level. Placing as high as 69.744% and earning an average of 65.770%. At the NEDA Fall Festival and Region 8 Championships, we placed fifth overall! This final test was extremely emotional for all involved, as it was my last ride with DJ, and her final test ever. The awards ceremony was the perfect retirement ceremony for the princess with the pink ribbon!


You can find more info. by clicking on the links below:
Sophia Chavonelle dressage @ YouTube
 Sophia on Facebook
Sophia Chavonelle dressage: Search Google

Also, check out my GoFundMe page, to raise money towards
purchasing my next (and first owned) mount!





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